When The Tables Turn

Out of the Storm amplifies the voices of women who have survived domestic violence. A book of solace and solidarity, the poems, stories, and resources within Out of the Storm creates a legacy of strength among survivors.

Written By:
Patrice Ingram

Spilled Ink: Poetry

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Out of the Storm

Heirlooms is a compilation of original poems and recipes by renown poet and slam-master Sherrie "Candy" Coleman. A treat for both your intellect and palate, Heirlooms connects poems that explore the depth of humanity with recipes that remind us of the commonality we all share through cuisine.

Written By:

Sherrie Coleman


God's Perspective for Me


Heirlooms: Poems and Recipes

Born in 1987, Endlesswill's 87 count poems in Broken Perception offers readers an assortment of remarkable poems that are as complex and multifaceted as the poet himself. Reflection of the self, renewal of the spirit, and sharp social commentary are among the many striking themes of the compilation of poems bound in Broken Perception. 
As written work, Broken Perception offers readers a tangible visual medium through which to enjoy and explore the craft of Endlesswill's poetry. The semantics and symbolism found between the lines of this work will bring readers to the pages again and again.

Written By:

Hillsborough Poet Laureate 

William Davis Jr.


Jordan Mickens is a 29 year-old successful, black, married sister. She grew up in the hood of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jordan didn't let the hood take her down, but the man she married becomes her downfall. Jordan and her husband have a two year-old son named TaShunn.
Her life takes a turn when her husband Sincere cheats on her and makes a baby. She has been with him a total of ten years, but has been married to him for four of those years. The woman he is seeing on the low is attractive, devious, and one crazy bitch. Her name is Cherish Montana. This woman almost makes Jordan lose her whole world. Welcome to When the Tables Turn.

Written By:

JeDonna Mathis



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Spilled Ink is based on the many paths that one walks during their lifetime.

Written By:

Patrice Ingram


God's Perspective for Me is a collection of poems that are spiritually uplifting. It tells a story of becoming a Christian, falling into the trap of the world, then coming back to God and listening to His words.

Written By:

Kendra Dublin


Broken Perception